Run & Ride King's Island Half Marathon Report

The Run & Ride King's Island Half Marathon was my first pacing gig for Beast Pacing. Beast has a lot of races, and I've been trying to get on their calendar for a while. I was supposed to pace another race with Beast the week before King's Island, but had to cancel that due to my calf injury at Air Force Half Marathon. For the King's Island race, I was mostly recovered and pretty sure that I would be just fine pacing. And I was...but that doesn't mean it was an easy day.

The Run & Ride race series puts on running events at several amusement parks across the country. Runners get to run through and around the parks, and then be guests at the park after the race. Sounded like a fun day to me, and King's Island is not far from home, so I expressed interest in this race as soon as the call for pacers went out. I got the 3:00 pacer slot. There was also a Sweeper slot, which I temporarily switched to after my injury. But then I met my fellow pacer Lynne at …

Don Scott Trot 5K - at Ohio State Airport

I grew up in the flight path of the Ohio State University Airport aka Don Scott Field. There were always small planes flying over the backyard. But I never had a reason to visit the airport myself - until now. The Don Scott Trot 5K on the Runway was the perfect opportunity.

My friend Shelly had just run her first 5K at the Dublin Irish Festival 5K in August, and this little airport run caught her eye as a candidate for her second. This was a small race which sold out with 300 participants. Parking was easy and so was packet pick-up the morning of the race in the airport's Hangar 7.

It was a chilly morning and I wore long sleeves. I probably could have done fine with short sleeves, but I appreciated the extra warmth before we got going. While Shelly and I were waiting for the race to start, Iliana found me. I didn't know she would be there. So, now there were two of us representing the Columbus Westside Running Club. Iliana said that this was her first 5K a year ago, so she wan…

China Marathon Event in Columbus - Come One, Come All!

If you follow my blog or keep track of me on social media, then you know I was selected as a Columbus Marathon Ambassador to represent my city and run a marathon in Hefei, China this November. (Here's my blog about it.) Well, November is coming faster than you'd think!

The Main Event

The big news for now is that the Hefei Ambassador team (Avery, Courtney, Kristian, Will and me) is planning an event at Land-Grant Brewing Co. on Wednesday, October 18th - and you are invited! If you're local to Columbus, please come on out that night. Land-Grant will donate a percentage of sales to fund our travel.

Our event will include:
An optional pub run organized by Fleet Feet Sports, so bring your running shoes!A silent auction - we have great prizes from local businessesRaffles - we're doing both a prize raffle and a 50/50 cash raffleA food truck, so you won't go hungry Plus, you'll get the opportunity to interact with me and my fellow ambassadors to Hefei as we prepare…

I'm a Certified Running Coach!

I'd like to announce that I'm a newly minted Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) Level 1 coach! I'd been thinking about the RRCA Coaching Certification for a while. I figured the modest financial investment would be worthwhile given the education I would receive. The problem was that it was hard to get into the classes, and most of them required travel to another city. When I found out that there was one scheduled for this September in Columbus, I jumped on it.

Preparation & Overview

In addition to attending class and taking a 100 question test, I would need to provide proof of CPR and first aid certification. My CPR certification was more than two years old, so I got myself into class in May, just a week after I registered for the coaching class. Then I took an online First Aid course the week leading up to class. There were two official pre-work items that all students needed to do: Watch an online video of Randy Accetta (Coaching Director for RRCA) present on the hi…

Air Force Half 2017 - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Well, I ran the 2017 Air Force Half Marathon last weekend, with mixed results. This was, of course, a class act event as always. I previously ran the full marathon in 2012. This year I made a late decision to go back and run the half as practice for my other upcoming half marathons.


Air Force Marathon is on a Saturday, and with no race-day packet pick-up, that means everyone needed to get to the expo no later than Friday evening. I got off work at 4:30 PM on Friday and had a rough time getting from downtown Columbus to Wright State University in Fairborn. Traffic was a mess, and then when I got off at my exit to the Nutter Center, roads were closed as the Air Force 5K was about to start. I was routed way out of my way and had to park about a mile from the expo. Walking to the expo, I was going against the stream of 5K runners. It was fun to see them, and but it was not fun walking in the gravel on the side of the road in my work shoes.

Once I got to the expo I quickly picked u…