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We Rocked Ragnar!

I just participated in my first relay, the Ragnar Washington DC!  I'd been interested in doing a Ragnar ever since I first heard about it.  The Ragnar is a 200 mile, 12 person relay that runs over the course of two days and one night.  Each person runs three separate legs of the relay and also helps support the other runners on the team.  What a unique and fun experience it was!

Our team captain Charli asked me to join the team a couple months ago, and I jumped on the chance. I wasn't sure when I'd have the opportunity to do a Ragnar, since I knew I didn't have the time to organize it myself.  I met Charli, her husband Coco and friend Stacey at the Delaware Marathon Maniac dinner in May, so I knew they'd be a good group to run with.  I helped recruit my friends Matt and Megan, both members of the Shirlington Running Club.  Everyone else was a stranger, but really, we couldn't have asked for a better team.  I was in Van 1 with Charli, Stacey, Matt, Kare…

I Won an Age Group Award!

I won 3rd Place in my age group at Parker's Marathon in West Virginia!  Does it matter that this race had only 121 finishers?  Does it matter that my age group only had 3?  Not to me!  I'm hanging that 3rd place medal on my bling rack with pride!  It's a good thing I delayed my post about this race for nearly two weeks...because I only received my age group medal in the mail last night.  I was very surprised, because I was quite slow compared to my recent marathon times.  For some reason I was very, very tired, and my calf was bothering me where I'd had a stress fracture last year.  I did a lot of walking in the second half of the race, but of course, I finished!
 I wasn't originally planning to run Parker's Marathon, but after looking at my race calendar, I saw that I could add a couple more states by January, thereby advancing to 7 stars in Marathon Maniacs.  Parker's was not too far from home by car, and I needed West Virginia, so I decided to do it. …