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Throwback: 2012 Goofy Challenge Race Report

So, before I started this blog, I posted a few race reports as Facebook Notes. I just rediscovered them today and I'll share them on weeks when I don't have a lot to say about new races. The text that follows is verbatim from January 13, 2012, and I dug up some photos to illustrate it (the Facebook Note didn't originally have photos).

Well, here it is finally: my recap of the 2012 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend.
Thursday: Up bright and early to catch my 6:00 AM flight (Delta canceled my preferred direct flight, and now I'd need to connect in Atlanta).  Arrived in Orlando, quickly checked into the All Star Sports Resort, then met Elizabeth (in from SoCal) at the race expo to pick up all the goodies.  Then we spent the afternoon at Animal Kingdom hitting all the good rides like Expedition Everest (a Yeti themed indoor rollercoaster - awesome), the safari, a 4D show featuring characters from A Bug's Life, and other fun things.  Later, we had an awesome dinner with …

GW Birthday “Part of a Marathon” Race Report

The George Washington’s Birthday Marathon started at 10:00 AM on Saturday 2/21/15, which was 6 days after the original scheduled date. The race was called for weather less than 2 hours in, so no one got to finish. It was very disappointing for many people. Personally, I did what I went there to do, finishing my 9.7 mile relay leg in the snow. My relay teammates Karen and Alan didn’t even get to run.

The successful execution of this race is often quite iffy. I suppose that goes with the territory for a race scheduled for February in the Mid-Atlantic. Scot and I ran the marathon in 2012; in fact, that’s where we met – on the course. But the race was canceled due to bad weather just last year, and I’ve heard there have been other years with cancellations. Last week, as the original race date approached, the race committee kept us informed of the impending frigid temperatures and high winds. On Thursday, they decided to postpone the Sunday race due to the forecast. The concern was not prec…

Another Cold Training Day

Yesterday I was supposed to run the relay at the George Washington's Birthday Marathon. But the race was postponed on Thursday in light of Sunday's forecast of extreme cold temperatures and wind chill. The rescheduled date is Saturday 2/21, which has made some people angry, as the published back-up date was 2/22. But that's another story and another blog post...if the race isn't cancelled for good. It will be cold with possible snow this weekend, but not quite as cold as last weekend, and with less wind.

Because GW was canceled, Jody (who was planning to run the full marathon) asked me if I'd like to do a training run with her. We decided on Saturday afternoon, as it would be significantly warmer and more pleasant than running on Sunday. We met in Vienna to do 10 miles on the W&OD Trail.

We headed west on the trail toward Reston, staring at the Caboose just a short way before Mile 12. There was a slight downhill grade at first, but it felt flat to me. Jody was …

Are Old Habits Holding Me Back?

I feel like I’m repeatedly posting about my inability to stick to my training plan. But until I make consistent training a real habit, I’m going to have this struggle. I’ve been back on the plan now for just over a week. I know that doesn’t seem like much, but it’s a start. This time period included a 5K race, a 13 mile long run, shorter runs, and cross-training. I had no problem sticking with my running workouts, but not such good success in doing my cross-training workouts.

When I get off track with the training plan, it usually happens on a weekday. Part of my problem, I believe, is that I’m not a morning person and I don’t like to get up early enough to train before work. That means I need to fit in the runs or other workouts after work. This can be challenging for various reasons:
I may work late and then it’s difficult to find time to work out at night. Sometimes I’m just tired by evening due to a stressful day or lack of sleep. Other things pop up on the calendar such as social eve…

Volunteering at Love the Run You're With

This past weekend I didn’t have a race, but I did volunteer at one. This was my second time volunteering for the Pacers Love the Run You’re With 5K (last year I ran it). It’s a simple out & back course. The water station was located almost at the halfway turnaround, and was staffed by my running club Shirlington Running Club.

Two years ago when I volunteered at this race, it was so cold that I actually wore heated foot warmers in my shoes and my down coat. The water in the cups iced over. I’d love to have ice water at a hot weather race, but I don’t think it really hit the spot for the runners when the temps were in the 20s Fahrenheit. This year it was much warmer, though still cold enough for warm clothes and fleece gloves.

We had a good crew for the water station. We arrived around 8:00 AM (the race would start at 9:00 AM) to set up tables, trash cans and fill the cups with water. Jennifer was our captain and had brought coffee and pastries from Starbucks. With as many of us as t…

Year Two for the First Down 5K and Combine

On Super Bowl Sunday, I once again ran the First Down 5K and Pacers Combine held in West Potomac Park (see last year’s race report). This was the second year for the race, which was paired with an optional Combine in which you do 20 each of push-ups, sit-ups, jump squats and walking lunges. For doing both the 5K and the Combine, you earn a foam football imprinted with the race logo. This year the football was tiny, just a toy. Last year it was not regulation size, but still large enough that you could toss it back and forth.

This was a cold race, colder than last year. I was dressed appropriately with a long sleeve winter-weight tech shirt, a microfleece pullover, winter weight tights, a skirt, gloves and a knit hat. Some people got into the football theme of the race and dressed up. Barry the joggler was back again, juggling footballs.

Scot didn’t join me this year, and I don’t know if that affected my time. I was almost 2 minutes slower on this course than last year. I wasn’t disappoi…