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2017 WABA CommUnity 5K

Here's another delayed race report. In late June I ran the WABA CommUnity 5K, a local neighborhood 5K on the West Side of Columbus. This was a tiny little race with only 30 or so participants in the 5K. They also had 1K and 3K races, which were mostly attended by families with kids and walkers.

I decided to do this race because it was very close to home, and two friends from the Columbus Westside Running Club would be there too. It started near the Giant Eagle on W. Broad Street and was an out & back heading West on Broad, turning off to Westland High School, and then back to the start. It was going to be a hot day, but it wasn't too bad when we started. Sunshine lined up in front, and Ray, who walks, lined up behind me.

As soon as we started, I felt the very slight uphill incline. It wasn't steep at all, but I noticed it and I felt sluggish. My original plan was to actually push myself at this 5K and see how well I could do, but I knew almost immediately that I wouldn…

Charity Day 5K Recap

I'm a bit behind in my race reports, so it's time to catch up. A few weeks ago I walked the Charity Day 5K with my mom. This was a fundraiser for my team of Columbus Marathon Athlete Ambassadors who are going to run in Hefei, China in November. The Greater Columbus Sister Cities International group arranges our in-country accommodations, along with their counterpart in Hefei. However, we ambassadors are responsible for our own airfare and visa. This 5K partners with several charities and runners/walkers can choose which one to support when they register. Unfortunately, we entered a little late and didn't have much time to get the word out. For those who are interested in providing direct support for my ambassador travel, you can do so on a tax-deductible basis at the Sister Cities Eventbrite page here, click "Tickets" and scroll to find my name. But, on to the 5K report...

The Charity Day 5K was a very well managed race, with help from some of the big players in …