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Accountability Update

It's been over a week since I blogged about the habits that I need to reinstate to improve my overall wellness, and specifically my fitness and running performance. I did fairly well for the first week of using checklists. I worked out for at least 30 minutes per day for 12 days in a row. On the 13th day I gave myself permission not to do a workout because I did a lot of physical chores that included lifting and carrying heavy objects. That may have been a mistake. Once the streak was broken, it was easier to slack off over the next few days (the weekend) when I had a lot of other things to do to get things organized at home and prepare to leave for Tokyo. But I'm going to keep up the checklists even if I don't check every box every day. Here's what I learned about myself:

It is easier than I thought it would be to get 30 minutes of exercise daily once I accept any form of exercise. Some days I ran, others I walked. Several days I did strength training using resistance …

Learning Good Habits From My Past

I used to be a faster runner. I used to be a fitter runner. By no means was I a competitive athlete, but I was a better version of myself than I am now. I've let my fitness go and I'm paying for it. I don't feel as good or as strong as I used to feel. This needs to change. I have an issue with motivation and discipline, and that will continue to hold me back if I don't address it. Maybe it will be helpful to identify the behaviors that worked for me in the past. My ideal self in the past was from 2012. After that, I increased the quantity of races I was running, and decreased the quality. I started traveling so much that it was more difficult to stick with a consistent training plan. I didn't adapt my training and fitness to the new things going on in my life. Let's see what I can do about that.

I used to eat less overall. I don't mean that I starved myself. I've never been like that. But I used to be better with portion control, especially with snackin…

2016 First Down 5K & Training Update

Yesterday I ran the First Down 5K & Pacers Combine for the third year in a row. It's the only race for which I'm a streaker. In 2014 I ran it with Scot. In 2015 I went alone. This year Rachael joined me. This race is an out & back course on Hains Point (East Potomac Park) in Washington DC. It's right along the Potomac River and overlooks Reagan National Airport on the Virginia side. It's flat. Yesterday it was cold, as it has been every year for this race.

Rachael and I talked about how neither of us was doing a great job of consistent training. We had no time goal for the race. We were simply there to get in a run and a bit of a workout doing the Combine: the pushups, sit-ups, jump squats and lunges after the 5K. It's been a while since I've done any of those, so today I'm sore.

The race itself was good. Rachael's Garmin was set for run/walk intervals, so we stuck to those and ran an easy pace. We only walked a few steps extra to grab some wate…