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Slow Start to 2016

It's only two weeks into 2016 and I'm not doing well with one of my most important running goals: training. I wrote and published my goals less than a week after unexpectedly losing my beloved 6 year old cat Grayson. I underestimated the power of grief to keep me from taking care of myself, and that included training. I miss my little guy. Grayson and I had a very strong bond, he was taken from us way too soon, and the veterinarians don't know exactly what happened. It's hard to get over that quickly.

I was ready to get back out there and run with my running club two nights ago, but a friend came by unexpectedly, so I prioritized spending time with her. It was the right decision, but skipping that run meant not doing any form of exercise in more than a week. The other workouts I skipped due to grief. I've skipped more workouts than I've done so far this year. The good news is that the year is still very young, and I can turn that around.

I redid my training pla…

2016 Running Goals

Last year I met most of my running goals. I qualified for the Marathon Globetrotters, I finished a marathon in my 50th US state, and I ran fewer races than in the previous few years. However, I did not meet the goal of setting a new marathon PR.

My 2016 Goals
I will earn a new marathon PR. It will probably be in the fall, and I still need to pick my goal race and train for it.I will run in at least 3 new countries, achieving full membership status in the Marathon Globetrotters. I'm currently at 7 countries, which gives me provisional (non-voting) membership. I need to get to 10. I will earn Japan in February and Canada in May. I need one more.I will run a marathon on at least 1 new continent. So far, that will be Asia. I'm not sure where the Marathon Globetrotters reunion will be in 2016, but that could be an opportunity to earn another new continent. I'm at 2 continents now (North America and Europe).I will run at least 1 new World Marathon Major. I'm registered for Tok…