2016 Running Goals

Last year I met most of my running goals. I qualified for the Marathon Globetrotters, I finished a marathon in my 50th US state, and I ran fewer races than in the previous few years. However, I did not meet the goal of setting a new marathon PR.

My 2016 Goals
  • I will earn a new marathon PR. It will probably be in the fall, and I still need to pick my goal race and train for it.
  • I will run in at least 3 new countries, achieving full membership status in the Marathon Globetrotters. I'm currently at 7 countries, which gives me provisional (non-voting) membership. I need to get to 10. I will earn Japan in February and Canada in May. I need one more.
  • I will run a marathon on at least 1 new continent. So far, that will be Asia. I'm not sure where the Marathon Globetrotters reunion will be in 2016, but that could be an opportunity to earn another new continent. I'm at 2 continents now (North America and Europe).
  • I will run at least 1 new World Marathon Major. I'm registered for Tokyo Marathon in February. I will enter the lottery for New York City Marathon and hope to run that in November. I'm at 2 out of 6 World Marathon Majors now (Chicago and Berlin).
  • I will enter the lotteries for 2016 NYC Marathon and 2017 London Marathon.

After earning my current marathon PR at the 2012 Grandma's Marathon - it's been too long

How I Will PR
  • First, I will train more consistently and harder. I need to do this to get stronger and faster. I'm great at putting together training schedules, but now I need to FOLLOW them.
  • I will eat better. I will moderate my intake of food in general, and curb my snacking. I have a plan for this, and I dropped a few pounds this fall by following that plan. I fell off the wagon during the holidays and due to stressful life events. I need to get back to it.
  • I will run on Tuesdays with Shirlington Running Club. The winter route is about 4 miles; the summer route is about 3 miles. I can make this run whatever I want it to be: an easy run, a tempo run, or if I'm sick or injured, I can walk it. The key is to DO it EVERY week.
  • I will add speedwork and hill training into my routine. One day per week (I'm looking at Thursday) will include either speed or hill work.
  • I will do a long run or a distance race every weekend. This run may be as short as 5 miles on recovery weeks, or as much as 18 miles when building up to a marathon. Or it could be an actual marathon.
  • I will add yoga and strength training days. I've done this before, but not consistently.
  • Ideally, I'd also add another day of running. For now, I don't want to overwhelm myself. I can reevaluate the training plan after a couple months of consistency.
So, that's it. I'm keeping it simple. No goal for number of marathons or number of half marathons. Just a few goals to knock off a new country or continent. No specific time goals, other than to PR in the marathon. I may run more half marathons than full marathons in 2016 for the first time ever. I'm not sure yet. Let's see how the year shapes up.


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