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2018 Running Goals

As reported here, I fell short of meeting my 2017 running goals. I was on track for some good success until two things happened: 1) I became injured, which was not under my control; 2) I started a new job and failed to adjust to my lack of free time - this, I could have done better to mitigate. But I'm feeling great about 2018 already. I'm in a better place than last January, both mentally and physically. Soon, a move to a townhouse in the Merion Village neighborhood of Columbus will put me closer to the Scioto Trail, Schiller Park, and to two of the three local groups that I run with.

In addition to working on consistency with my training, I plan to pick up where I left off before last year's injuries. That means working on speed with the intent to earn some new PRs this year. Here we go.
My 2018 GoalsI will lead the 11:00 pace group for CWRC. Unless I am out of town, ill, or have a really good excuse (like moving day next week), I will attend every Columbus Westside R…

2017 Running Recap

It's time to review the 2017 running year. I made several changes in my life (moved out of state, started a new job), and had a few injuries. This made it difficult to achieve all of my 2017 goals. Still, I'm happy to celebrate a few victories. Here's a rundown of each 2017 goal and its outcome.

2017 Goal: I will focus on consistent running. Starting no later than February, after my move, I'll run on Tuesday nights with the Columbus Westside Running Club (CWRC). I'm also going to run with them on Sunday mornings as part of their half and quarter marathon training program. I'll log extra miles on several Sundays to get into marathon shape.
Outcome: While I did become a regular at CWRC Tuesday nights, I rarely showed up for Sunday morning runs. For part of the year I was also a regular at running groups on Wednesday and Thursday nights, but my attendance trailed off when I started a job in August. I still need to work on consistency.

2017 Goal: I will do regular s…