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The Best 10K Ever

Over the weekend, I ran my 3rdMarine Corps Marathon 10K. I love this event because it allows people who can’t, or choose not to, run the marathon to still be part of the action. I have run the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) only once, in 2006. The first year I ran the 10K was 2011, when I was getting back into running after a long break, and I wasn’t yet trained up to marathon distance. The second year I ran the 10K was 2013, when I was injured and needed to do a shorter distance. This year, I was registered for the marathon, but deferred that entry to 2015 and registered separately for the 10K. I had scheduled myself too heavy with marathons this fall and needed a relatively easy race in between double marathon weekends in other states.

Whatever reason someone has for choosing the 10K, it’s always a good race. The 10K and the marathon share some of the same course, but the start of the 10K is on the National Mall, whereas the marathon starts near the Pentagon. The 10K does not have all t…

My Kansas City/Des Moines Double

I don't like running double marathons (marathons on back-to-back days), but sometimes it makes a lot of sense logistically and financially to knock off two nearby states in a single trip. Last weekend I ran the Kansas City (MO) Marathon on Saturday and the Des Moines (IA) Marathon on Sunday, earning states #45 and #46. With mixed results. Here's how my weekend went. (Warning: double the marathons, double the photos in the blog!)

The race directors of the two marathons must have realized that a lot of Marathon Maniacs, Half Fanatics and 50 States Marathon Club members were already doubling these races. For the first year, they teamed up to offer the I-35 Challenge: a bonus t-shirt and medal if you either ran both marathons or both half marathons. I was already registered for the marathons when they announced the challenge, so that was an added bonus to perform well.

This was going to be another quick weekend. I flew into Kansas City, met up with Jody, hit the expo, then enjoyed…

Why I Like Running

Because, I do like it, right? It’s bad if I need to ask myself that, right? I only question this because I have fallen so far off the wagon of the training plan and goals I set for myself earlier this year. I hope that writing and sharing these thoughts will help me to remember why I like running and will reinforce better habits that I plan to develop after my crazy fall marathon schedule completes.

1.I like running because it’s exercise that is not boring. That is, if done outdoors. I always find running inside on a treadmill to be boring. All of those cardio machines in the gym are boring because the scenery never changes. I was always discouraged by this part of the gym. But when I started training for my first marathon, I was running with a group outside in Washington DC. Our long runs always included the National Mall, and then as our mileage grew, they included the Potomac waterfront, and then some pretty trails. My shorter weekday runs were almost always on the same bike trails …

Common Questions in My Running Groups

There is always a first time that each individual runner has a specific question or concern. It’s often difficult to remember that what is common knowledge to me is often new to someone else. There are some questions that I see frequently repeated among the various social networking sites/groups I belong to. So, that means they continue to be real concerns for people. Here, I attempt to address some of the common questions that come up.

Q: Why does my GPS show the race course to be long? A: A GPS is a useful tool, but you cannot rely on it for a 100% accurate measurement of any course – ever. This does not mean that your device is faulty. It’s simply a fact that there are many variables that affect the accuracy of the measurement. Some examples are: 1) you actually ran more than the measured course minimum because of weaving around other runners, back-tracking to port-o-potties, not hitting the tangents “just so”, etc.; 2) there can be interference that affects the satellite readings, s…