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2014 Houston Marathon Weekend

Upon finishing Sunday's Houston Marathon, I'm now 36 states into my 50 states marathon quest.  It was my first full marathon of the year, and even though I was slower than I'd hoped, my plantar fasciitis didn't flare up, and I crossed that finish line.

After spending a couple days in Las Vegas for work, I flew directly to Houston to meet up with Scot.  He had already checked us into the hotel and picked up our race packets.  Good thing, as my flight arrived near midnight, and we had a 5K in the morning.

We were up early on Saturday morning to run the ABB Houston 5K as a warm-up for the following day's marathon.  More importantly, we dedicated our run to Meg Cross Menzies, the Virginia runner who was recently killed by a drunk driver while out on a run.  Scot had briefly met Meg at a previous year's Richmond Marathon.  Social media was used to get the word out to the country, and the world, asking runners to go out and run on 1/18/14, and dedicate their miles to…

First Race of 2014 - Run to Read Half Marathon

My plan for 2014 is to average two big races a month, preferably one half marathon and one full marathon.However, some months will have two full marathons, and some months, like February, may not have any full marathons at all.In any event, this is the year I want to focus on quality while still maintaining some level of quantity. Also, I said I’d blog more this year, and here I am writing about my first race of 2014 within just a few days of the race.

I searched for a January half marathon and found the Run to Read Half in Fairmont WV.This was a small, low-key race that benefits Literacy Volunteers of Marion County and is held in beautiful Prickett’s Fort State Park south of Morgantown WV.Our friend Christy lives in this general area, so that helped convince Scot to join me for this race.In the end, Christy’s schedule only allowed her to cheer us on at the start, but not stay and run.We were happy to see her even for a short time. There were several Half Fanatics at this race, most of…

Sandy's 2013 Race Recap - Part 2