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Westward, Ho! (a.k.a. Jackson Hole Marathon Race Report)

This post is a little out of order. I missed my window of opportunity to post about the Jackson Hole Marathon, then I ran a couple more races before circling back. Without further ado – I knew I wanted to run the Jackson Hole Marathon as my Wyoming race as soon as I set foot in Jackson last summer while Jody and I were out west running Idaho and Montana. We did a quick drive-through of the town and stopped at Snake River Brewing. Seeing the town, and knowing that Scot had run this marathon the previous year, I was committed to doing it in 2014 or 2015. My opportunity came sooner rather than later.

Jackson WY is neither easy nor cheap to get to from Washington DC. I weighed my options and ended up flying directly into Jackson Hole Airport, but it took me three flights to get there (DC to Cleveland to Denver to Jackson). The way back was better (Jackson to Chicago to DC). The flight wasn’t cheap, so I redeemed some United miles to off-set the high airfare.

There were going to be several M…

I Ran the Navy Air Force Half Marathon on a Whim

One of the things I like about running so many races so close together in time is that I'm always trained for a race. I'm not necessarily optimally trained, ready to earn a new PR, but I can at least complete any race up to a marathon. I'm willing to bet I could also finish a 50K, although I've never run one.

The 3rd annual Navy Air Force Half Marathon took place in Washington DC on 9/14/14. The last two years I was out of town and unable to participate. This year I didn't plan to register, not knowing Scot's schedule. When we found out he had to work that morning, I decided to register and run while he was at work. I signed up just 15 minutes before registration closed on Thursday for the Sunday race.

The race expo was held at Nationals Park and was pretty small. There were a few vendors, but it was certainly not a big event.

I took Metro to Smithsonian Station as the starting line was right by the Washington Monument. I knew that my friends Letty and Sid woul…

A Few of My Favorite Things (a.k.a. Running Gear I Like)

I’m always checking out new running gear, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you. I don’t have any sponsors. No one paid me or gave me freebies to promote these products. These are my unbiased opinions.


Like most people who have been running for a number of years, I’ve tried several different types and brands of footwear. I tend to favor styles that encourage a natural foot position and a forefoot landing. That’s why I have worn Newton shoes for several years, but have also recently added Altra shoes into the rotation. Both brands have a diverse product line-up with options for neutral, stability, trail and racing. Most recently, I’ve been wearing Altra Olympus and Altra Paradigm. The Olympus is a trail shoe and the paradigm is a road show, but they both offer extra padding, a zero-drop and a wide toe box to allow the piggies to relax. I also have a pair of Altra Lone Peak, which are suitable for more technical trails.

Newton has recently revamped its product line. I…