A Little Race to be Thankful For

There’s a tradition among many people of running or walking a Thanksgiving Day “Turkey Trot” with friends and family. It’s a good way to get out and be active before overeating. Most of these races also have a charity component. I used to run a race that asked participants to bring canned or dry goods. But for the 6th year in a row, I have participated in the SOME Trot for Hunger 5K. This Washington DC race is put on by a charity called So Others Might Eat, which feeds hungry and homeless people in the city. This year, Scot and I were participating alone…although we weren’t really alone among the thousands of other runners and walkers.

This was a cold race (in the 30s), but not actually as cold as it was last year (in the 20s). And I ran a little faster than I’ve been running lately, perhaps because it was a shorter distance and because it was cold. After the first half mile, I didn’t see Scot except on a short out & back section, but he didn’t see me. Still, I had fun running the streets near the National Mall and on Pennsylvania Avenue between Freedom Plaza and the Capitol.
Selfie with Scot as we turned the corner near the Capitol
Running in view of the Washington Monument

The National Museum of the American Indian - apropos for Thanksgiving Day?

One of the things I like about this race is the fun that people have with costumes. There are the usual Turkey costumes, but also some other fun ones.

Umm...pink bunnies at a Turkey Trot?

One of many turkey heads

This volunteer had a unique turkey hat and was very friendly

At the finish with Turkey Man. His sister was an American Indian and friend was a Pilgrim.
Nearing the finish, I was getting excited about the Panera bagels that they usually have at this race. Imagine my disappointment when there were no Panera bagels this year! Oh well, they still had plenty of granola bars and fruit for the finishers. We hung around just a little while before heading back to the car to get home. Scot had to work at 1:00 PM on Thanksgiving Day, which meant I had to cook our holiday lunch feast while he got ready for work. I think it turned out well.

Our small, but yummy and fulfilling Thanksgiving lunch spread


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