I met my NYC Marathon fundraising goal!

Today is a great day! I met my $2,500 fundraising goal for the NYC Marathon in November. I'm registered for the race, free and clear! I hope to raise a few more funds since this charity is near and dear to my heart (and head), but I can breathe easier now knowing that I'm in the marathon.

We did it!

This achievement really isn't mine alone. I need to thank the many people who donated to my fundraiser for Migraine Research Foundation. Some donated small, some donated big, and I was honored by a substantial donation from my employer. But all of my sponsors are equal in my mind, and I will wear their names on my shirt when I run in New York.

I'm thanking everyone publicly, as their names were already made public on the fundraising site. I'm also respecting the wishes of those who prefer to remain anonymous. Here they are in alphabetical order, all my lovely supporters:

Anonymous (Asia)
Anonymous (Chicago)
Anonymous (DC Metro)
Barefoot Bandito
Karen Brown
Ray Brown
Ruth Brown
Emil Cheng
Fran DeAngelis
David Gallegos
Jonathan Gerard
Reginald Gibson
Half Fanatic 623
Rachael Hoagland
Gerald King
Gillian Kirk
Eddie McCoy
Kristin Mueller
Richard Pimentel
Lindsey Simpson
Michael Sortito
Gilberto Sosa
Shawn Steve
Debo West
Lou Wolsefer
Melinda Yanuaria


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