It's Time for Some New PRs

I was very slow when I first started running in 2004, jumping into marathon training with no mileage base. I got injured during training and had a slow first marathon. But then I stated running shorter distance races and improved my pace. After a number of years with few races, I came back with a gusto at the end of 2011. In 2012 I started running multiple marathons and half marathons, and I earned new personal records (PRs) in both of those distances. But my times suffered in other distances.

Marathon PR earned at 2012 Grandma's Marathon

Half Marathon PR earned at 2012 Rock 'n' Roll Providence Half Marathon

As of now, all of my PRs are too old. I want to get back to a better pace and beat some of those old stats. Once I get through my fall race season (or maybe even during it), I'm going to work on earning some new PRs. I won't share my PR times in the blog, because it's not the actual times that matter; it's the relative times. It's about competing with myself. But here's a summary of when and where I earned my current standing PRs in each distance I've run.

In 2006 I earned one PR that still stands:
  • 2006 - 10 Miles - George Washington Parkway Classic in Alexandria, VA
Looks like 2009 was a fast year for me with several PRs that still stand:
  • 2009 - 5K - Ohio State Fair 5K in Columbus, OH (I won 3rd in my age group)
  • 2009 - 5 Miles - Navy Five Miler in Arlington, VA
  • 2009 - 10K - Clarendon Day 10K in Arlington, VA
  • 2009 - 4 Miles - Fairfax 4 Miler in Fairfax, VA
Then in 2011 I ran a new distance. My PR from my first 15K still stands:
  • 2011 - 15K - Hot Chocolate 15K Washington DC (actually in Maryland)
My first crazy year as a Marathon Maniac and Half Fanatic saw me earning and breaking multiple half marathon PRs and one new marathon PR, and they still remain:
  • 2012 - Marathon - Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, MN
  • 2012 - Half Marathon - Rock 'n' Roll Providence Half in Providence, RI
I earned a new PR in 2013 only because it was a new distance:
  • 2013 - 17.75K - Marine Corps 17.75K (an odd distance for sure, but I've run it twice now)
And one new PR in 2014 that still stands:
  • 2014 - 8K - St. Patrick's Day 8K in Washington, DC
No new PRs in 2015, and only one so far in 2016, and again, that's because it was a new distance:
  • 2016 - Quantico 12K in Quantico, VA
So, other than the recent 12K PR, which I don't expect to break anytime soon (mainly because there aren't a lot of 12Ks out there), all my distance running PRs are old. I've also gotten older, but I'm ready to prove that I can get my times back down and perhaps break some of my own records in the next year.


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