2017 Running Goals

I didn't do so well with my 2016 running goals. My training suffered in the second half of the year, I had two marathon DNFs and after a while I sort of stopped caring. I had a rough 2016, but this is a new year. I'm making a fresh start with new goals. Here's what I would like to achieve in 2017:

My 2017 Goals
  • I will focus on consistent running. Starting no later than February, after my move, I'll run on Tuesday nights with the Columbus Westside Running Club. I'm also going to run with them on Sunday mornings as part of their half and quarter marathon training program. I'll log extra miles on several Sundays to get into marathon shape.
  • I will do regular strength training. I enjoyed my kettle bell workouts in 2016, so I'll get back into those. I'll also dust off my pilates machine and use it. I have dumbbells and resistance bands too, so I can do a variety of strength workouts at home.
  • I will run in at least 2 new countries, achieving full membership status in the Marathon Globetrotters. I'm currently at 8 countries, which gives me provisional (non-voting) membership. I need to get to 10. I will earn both Italy (Rome Marathon) and France (Paris Marathon) in April on back-to-back weekends.
  • I will improve my average marathon finish time. I do not expect a PR this year. This is a rebuilding year. As much as I'd love to earn a PR, a more realistic goal is to focus on running a marathon in 5:15 or less. Once I do that, I can set my sights on a PR.
  • I will plan my approach to completing the World Marathon Majors. I still need to finish three of these: Tokyo, London, Boston. I won't run any of these in 2017, but I can plan for 2018. Tokyo and London are lottery/ballot entries, and I may enter those lotteries, or I may make plans to run one of these marathons with a tour group. As for Boston, until I really improve my fitness and seriously train for it, my best chance of running Boston is through charity. That's probably not going to happen in time for the 2018 Boston Marathon. But in 2017 I'll start making my plans for the remaining Majors.
So, those are the 2017 goals. I think they're realistic. To some people they may not seem aggressive enough. But 2017 needs to be achievable for me. I need to meet some intermediate goals before I can plan some real stretch goals.

After finishing Disney's Goofy Challenge 2012; I need to find this person  - she took better care of herself, she trained better, she was embarking upon an exciting journey
My medal racks in April 2012; I had fewer races under my belt, but I felt better about myself and my abilities
I'll certainly accomplish more things than what I've written above. I'll run some half marathons. I'll run shorter distance local races to get a feel for the Columbus running community. And I may choose to do some volunteer work or short-term gigs with race management companies in Columbus. I will also seek out more opportunities to pace half marathons, and once I get my marathon time down, I'd like to pace a marathon too. But these are extra things. First I focus on consistency and completing the races I'm already planning for.

The year won't be easy, dealing with personal change, but I'll have my family close by, a new running club to engage with, and some of my close marathon buddies will be within easy driving distance. It will work out. Please feel free to check in with me periodically to see how I'm doing.


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