Brokeman's Summer Solstice Run - Where the Wild Things Are

Another catch-up race report is for the Find Me Where the Wild Things Are run (not really a race, as it's completely untimed and unscored). This was the summer solstice run put on by Brokeman's Running Company.

Just a little fun with a bronze buck (it's a "wild thing", right?) before the run kicked off (photo credit: Matt Alley)

My friend Matt is out in Colorado now, but comes to Ohio regularly, so he suggested doing this run together on one of his recent trips. It took place on the evening of the summer solstice and was a night event starting at 8:30 PM. Brokeman's promised a route of approximately 4.5 miles, though my Garmin clocked it at slightly less. That didn't really matter as this was a fun run, there were no prizes and we were all just out there to enjoy the summer evening.

Runners getting ready at Land Grant
Pre-run selfie with Matt
Katie makes her announcements before we start (photo credit: Matt Alley)

Runners converged at Land Grant, one of my favorite Columbus breweries. We set out on a fun route that traversed trails along the Scioto riverfront and bridges crossing the river. Much of the course was on the path from Bicentennial Park to Scioto Audubon Park. It was fun and scenic, with lots of great photo opportunities. While I was busy running, trying to maintain a good effort, Matt was running back and forth taking pictures. He got some great ones, and I'm including a few in this post, but the others can be viewed here.

We ran under and over bridges; note the group of runners under the railroad
Skyline view with runners coming toward me

I was having a little trouble with the heat and humidity, and after a few miles I ended up walking more. I could have pushed a little harder, but I was happy to simply enjoy the run and take some photos of my own. This was an excellent evening for views of the Columbus skyline and the river, and I took it all in.

City view from Scioto Audubon Park (photo credit: Matt Alley)
I'm running under another bridge (photo credit: Matt Alley)

Views of the river and the ColumbUS lit up on the COSI steps
Ha ha! I'm in front of COSI, having no idea that my photo was being taken; the woman in front of me keeps popping up at all my local races and we're about the same pace, but I have yet to meet her (photo credit: Ben Ko Photography)

Back at the finish, we were treated to water and a Body Armor coconut water sports drink. There was a food truck for people who wanted that. But after stretching and recovering for a few minutes, Matt and I headed inside for our free beer. We could only choose from five of the core beers, but who's complaining when it's free? Cold beer feels great after a hot run!

This was my first experience running a Brokeman's event (though I previously volunteered at their inaugural Beer Mile). I have gotten to know Katie, the founder, a little. She's all about putting on a fun event for runners, but without all the bells and whistles. Her lower-key events cater to people on a budget, or just people who don't need or want all the bling. That doesn't mean that the events are haphazard. The Brokeman's races I've seen are well-organized with very creative artwork and t-shirts, thanks to Katie's husband Abraham. For fun, they also did a "photo booth" shoot inside Land Grant.

I think we look like deer in headlights in this photo booth shot at Land Grant
Fun t-shirt artwork; my camera washed it out, but the shirt is actually a nice, icy blue shade

By the time Matt and I were finishing our beers, we realized that the food truck was shut down. Oops. But that was OK, because I think we did better to scoot over to the downtown location of Condado Tacos. It was my first time at Condado, and I was quite pleased with the choices of vegetarian taco fillings...not just one option, but choices! We were impressed with the food, the outdoor patio and the service. It was a fun evening to run around town on the longest day of the year and cap off the evening with beer, tacos and friendship.


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