I'm the New Marathon Maniacs Columbus Ambassador!

In a recent and unexpected development, I was just selected as the Marathon Maniacs ambassador for Columbus, Ohio. I've been a club member for six years and have been running marathons for 12 years. When I moved back to Columbus in January, I immediately jumped into the local running community. So, I feel very good about this position.

Meet your new Marathon Maniacs Columbus ambassador!

As a Marathon Maniacs ambassador, my responsibilities will be to:
  • Serve as a regional spokesperson for the club, helping to find new members
  • Moderate the Marathon Maniacs Columbus Facebook group
  • Coordinate meet-up activities for Columbus-area races, including dinners and pre-race photos
  • Potentially work with local races to provide Maniac pacers
When I introduced myself in the Columbus Facebook group, I led with a list of my marathon achievements. It wasn't to brag, but to let people know what I've done. Hopefully this can help to inspire others, and can provide a starting point for conversations. Since I have all that info neatly typed and organized, I'll share it here for fun. Looking back, it's really amazing what you can do when you put your mind to achieving goals.

My Overall Running Resume
  • Marathon Maniac #4436 / Half Fanatic #1955 / Double Agent (both clubs) #224
  • Maniac since 2011, though I technically qualified in 2006 (Columbus Marathon was one of my qualifying races!)
  • Half Fanatic since 2012
  • Marathons to date: 74
  • Half Marathons to date: 53
  • Achieved MM Titanium status (30 marathon states in 365 days) on 8/23/13
  • Finished 50 States on 5/30/15
  • I pace half marathons, but have not yet paced for a full marathon
  • Voting member and past board member of Marathon Globetrotters, having run marathons in 10 countries
  • I will soon be an RRCA Level 1 Coach - I recently finished class and need to take my exam
My Columbus Running Resume
  • I'm from Columbus, but lived in the Washington DC area for several years; I returned home in January and joined the Columbus running community in full force
  • I am a 2017 Columbus Marathon ambassador to Hefei, China, where I'll be running the marathon on 11/12/17 along with 4 other Columbus runners
  • I am a member of the Columbus Westside Running Club (CWRC) - we are an RRCA club and have group runs on Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings
  • I also run with the Short North Running Club some Thursday nights and do Columbus Running Company's Short North speed workouts on Wednesday nights
I'm sure there will be elements of my Maniac ambassadorship in the blog as I write up my experiences at local races. Stay tuned!


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