2017 Running Goals - First Quarter Check-In

It's time for a 1st Quarter assessment of my 2017 running goals. I watched the Boston Marathon coverage yesterday and got inspired to improve my fitness and my race pace. So now I've put together a training plan for 2017. During the first quarter of the year I didn't have a plan. I was just winging it. That's not going to be good enough. Almost all the goals will be met if I follow my new plan, and also make an effort to eat better (I'm a hopeless snack-a-holic). I've upped my initial marathon time goal and want to go after a PR this fall. Here's where things stand.

  • I will focus on consistent running. 
I'm doing so-so with this goal, and I can do better. I need to run at least three days a week, and I've done that some weeks, but not others. With my two local running clubs, I have multiple weekly opportunities for easy runs, long runs and speed work. I just need to take advantage of all of these things, and my new training plan does.
  • I will do regular strength training. 
I was slow to start with my strength training this year. But since the middle of March I've gotten into it, with the exception of my European trip. Now that I'm home and settled, I'm trying to do two days a week of some sort of strength work.
  • I will run in at least 2 new countries.
Well, this one is a success story! I finished the Rome and Paris marathons, earning myself finishes in Italy and France. That's good for achieving full, voting membership in the Marathon Globetrotters. I'm just waiting for my results to be verified.
  • I will improve my average marathon finish time. 
I'm still early in my training for this to occur. At the beginning of the year I didn't think I'd go for a PR this year, but now I want to. I'm targeting the Columbus Marathon in October. I will train for my first sub-5 hour marathon.
I haven't put much thought into this yet. I will probably enter the lotteries for 2018 London and 2018 Tokyo. But I don't know if I'll be able to do either of those next year. And I'm not focusing on Boston just yet. I'll reevaluate this particular goal later in the year.

Sunday's 8 miles on the Camp Chase Trail with the Columbus Westside Running Club

So, that's what's happening. If you're reading this, I'd like to ask for your support and encouragement. Please ask me how things are going with my training. Accountability will make me stronger.


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